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The Platforms

The Camp at Las Piedras Amazon Center is designed for expedition-style research, tours and learning programs. It has a rustic Medicine Man-style charm. For those who love nature and raw wilderness, this is the perfect place for immersion into the wild. The camp is located near beautiful streams and waterfalls. It’s surrounded by trail networks and research grids. The camp is surprisingly comfortable with raised camping platforms, a central work/dining area and a fully-equipped kitchen. There is running water, limited electricity, outdoor showers and composting toilets. The camp can hold up to 25 guests at a time.


The camp consists of raised wooden camping platforms, each able to hold 1-4 tents. The platforms are covered with tarpaulins and the sides open to the spectacular forest surrounds. Guests may prefer to camp on the forest floor in the designated zones. Camping mattresses, hammocks, bedding and mosquito nets can be arranged for those without their own tents.


The Research Station at Las Piedras Amazon Center is an ever-evolving project. It is a co-creation project by our guests and local partners who are slowly building a set of incredible green-living demonstration structures. There is limited space at the center while it’s being built. In the meantime for our guests and participants who prefer not to camp, the forest trail systems can be easily accessed from our partner research station, the oldest in the region. The station is an appealingly rustic, quiet and comfortable wooden set of structures built upon stilts. It is located just a few kilometers north of The Camp and can hold up to 30 guests at a time.


The station is made up of adjacent rooms with large windows which are always open to the beautiful jungle outside. There are 1-4 beds in each room (max 4 people sharing on volunteer programs, private rooms for eco tour programs). Each bed is equipped with clean sheets and a mosquito net. The rooms are connected to the bathrooms and central area via raised walkways.


The camp has six outdoor showers and composting toilet facilities which minimize the impact on the forest. There are clothes washing facilities near the bathroom area and lines to dry washing in the sun.


The camp has 2 expedition-style areas for living, dining and work. This is where, among other activities, guests can interact and play games, meals are served and data is downloaded and entered. There are a number of hammocks dotted throughout the surrounding forest.


The kitchens are always hubs of activity and our excellent chefs are usually happy to have company and helping hands. We know that food is our secret weapon for getting into the hearts of our clients, the most important ingredient to a happy stay with us. Our chefs are undoubtedly the best in the region and the envy of some of the top ecolodges in the Amazon. Helping our chefs in kitchen will give visitors an opportunity to learn about cooking with local ingredients and practice local Spanish lingo. Meals are served in the common areas. The kitchen at the camp may also be used by those who prefer to prepare their own meals.


Electricity is provided from generators which are active during only some parts of the day. Guests will have opportunities to recharge electronic items and use electronic equipment in the early mornings, midday and evenings after dark. At 9pm the lights go out and the Amazon Center goes into quiet mode to allow guests to soak up the sound of the forest at night and get well rested for the following day’s activities. Guests are provided candles and are encouraged to bring personal battery powered lights/torches with enough power for their stay.


Due to the remoteness of the Amazon Center there is no phone signal and no internet. The Amazon Center staff communicate with the administration team in town twice a day via a longwave radio. The field-based team is able to get messages to and from loved ones through this means if required. In general we find our guests receive a ‘much greater connection’ without wifi!

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