We are ARCAmazon

The Alliance for Research and Conservation in the Amazon

ARCAmazon works to increase the value of the Amazon, to conserve and protect it, and to connect people with rainforests.


Who We Are

ARCAmazon is a Peruvian non-profit organization.

Charity No. (SUNARP): 11131166.

501(c)3-equivalent Tax Exoneration No. (SUNAT): 2790050000030.

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ARCAmazon’s Focus: Las Piedras watershed

Our story begins deep within Peru’s Amazon rainforest…

ARCAmazon is laser focused on protecting Las Piedras, a river system that forms part of the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot, and an important area for its beautiful landscapes, diverse fauna and flora, and rich indigenous cultures.
When ARCAmazon began studying Las Piedras in 2012, our teams of researchers were amazed at the extraordinary diversity and abundance of wildlife, as well as the raw wilderness which is still found in abundance throughout the watershed. ARCAmazon’s team found a thriving Brazil nut-dense forest, harvested each year by local communities. Las Piedras is home to a number of indigenous and colonial communities.
Unfortunately, the forests of Las Piedras are under increasing pressure from a the extraction of timber and the rapid conversion of forest into agriculture and pasture land. More so, there is little to no private or government environmental policy enforcement in the area. For this reason, ARCAmazon is leading a large-scale effort to support the government in protecting the rainforests of Las Piedras by creating alternative livelihoods for local communities and building capacity for sustainable forest use.
ARCAmazon’s long-term vision is to co-create a corridor (or strategic buffer) of protected forest that stretches from the lower and more threatened part of the river system all the way to the upper watershed. To date, ARCAmazon has created a 4,460-hectare conservation area which is protected using the revenue generated through ARCAmazon’s research and ecotourism programs operated through the Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC). The center provides opportunities for local people, while supporting the sustainable use of the rainforest in the watershed.
Together with 11 neighbouring partners on the river, ARCAmazon and its allies currently protect almost 30,000 hectares of vulnerable forest in the lower reaches of the Las Piedras Corridor area. Our goal is to reach 100,000 hectares of protected rainforest in Las Piedras by 2030.

ARCAmazon Las Piedras Corridor Peru Map


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