We are ARCAmazon

“Alliance for Research and Conservation in the Amazon”

We aim to increase the value of the Amazon, to conserve and protect it, and to connect people with rainforests.


Key Engagement Initiatives

Amazon Center and Amazon Academy “bring people to rainforests and share rainforests with the World”.


We are a collaborative initiative. We believe that we will make a larger and long-term impact by working together as an alliance of individuals, groups and organizations.

We urge all parties with an aligned vision to conserve and protect the Amazon rainforest, to get in touch and collaborate with us.


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Las Piedras

Our story begins deep in the wilderness where we lost our way and found ourselves: The Las Piedras River System.

We’re currently working to protect Las Piedras. Las Piedras (‘Stones’ in English) is a river system that forms part of the Amazon-Andes Biodiversity Hotspot and an important area for its beautiful landscapes, rich fauna and flora, and fascinating native communities.
When our research teams began studying the Las Piedras River System they were blown away at the diversity and abundance of wildlife, as well as the raw wilderness which is still found abundantly in the region. The team found a thriving Brazil nut forest where locals happily harvest the very Brazil Nuts that eventually reach us in chocolate, oil and cosmetic products. Las Piedras is home to a number of remarkable communities, some indigenous to the region, some remote and unconnected with the outside world and others formed with the sole purpose of extracting the forest’s resources. The team was surprised and concerned to learn that this pristine area is under increasing pressure from a the extraction of timber and the rapid conversion of forest into agriculture and pasture land. More so, that there is little to no private or government environmental policy enforcement in the area. For this reason, ARCAmazon is pioneering a large conservation effort to try to solve the challenges currently threatening the rainforests of Las Piedras.
Our medium-term goal in Las Piedras is to begin buffering the more remote reaches of the river system by playing a key part in the creation of a corridor (or strategic zone) of protected forest across the lower and more threatened reaches of the river system. To date, ARCAmazon has creating a 4,460 hectare conservation and ecotourism reserve which we protect through a Forest Ranger protection system, financial sustainability through education and volunteer tourism, and a large community engagement and sustainable development program in the watershed. We are organically developing the Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC) which provides a base to develop research, sustainable living and livelihoods, technology innovation and creativity for conservation outcomes. The center provides a space for guests from all over the world who are want to experience primary rainforest ecosystems and be part of front line conservation efforts. The center also provides opportunities for local people, while supporting the sustainable use of the rainforest in the watershed.
  • Wood Storks in the Las Piedras River | © Tom Ambrose

  • Tapir in the Las Piedras River | © Tom Ambrose

  • Big Trees Along the Las Piedras River | © Jason Scullion

  • Timber Extraction Along the Las Piedras River | © Jason Scullion

  • Waterfalls Along the Las Piedras River | © Juan Carlos Huayllapuma

  • Native Community on the Las Piedras River | © Zoe Cole

  • Community Farming on the Las Piedras River | © Juan Carlos Huayllapuma

  • Jaguar on the Las Piedras River | © Tom Ambrose

  • Community School on the Las Piedras River | © Zoe Cole

  • Oxbow Lake on the Las Piedras River | © David Kellner

  • Scarlet Macaws over the Las Piedras River | © Tom Ambrose


Who We Are

ARCAmazon is a Peruvian non-profit organization.

The organization was created in 2014 by eleven conservationists with a common passion for the Peruvian Amazon and a hope to protect Las Piedras.

Charity No. (SUNARP): 11131166.

501(c)3-equivalent Tax Exoneration No. (SUNAT): 2790050000030.

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Where We Are

ARCAmazon is based in the Western Amazon Basin.

Our headquarters are located in the ‘jungle city’ of Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Peru. We’re 1 hour away from Cusco by plane (10 hours by bus) or a 3 hour flight from Peru’s capital city, Lima.


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