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Peruvian Amazon Wildlife Volunteering & Internships

Work with our Forest Rangers to Protect Vital Primary Rainforest from Encroaching Deforestation

Peru’s Amazon Rainforest – Help Protect and Manage 4,460 hectares of Rainforest:

Our Forest Rangers are essential to the protection of the forest. They play a vital role in maintaining a presence on our 4,460-hectare private reserve in the remote Peruvian Amazon. The presence of official representatives on the land helps prevent the incursion of illicit activities such as timber extraction and hunting. Our Forest Rangers provide an on-going supply of research data which helps us identify where threats may occur and what activities are being carried out on the land. In addition, they contribute to the long-term collection of core data sets for mammals, birds, and herpetofauna. They are responsible for maintaining an extensive trail network and ensuring all signage is maintained. Finally, the Forest Rangers are in part responsible for relations with our neighboring communities and forest users.


Program Highlights:

  • Patrol the perimeter of the 4,460 hectare conservation area, recording the status and health of lands surrounding the conession
  • Learn to identify neotropical mammal and their tracks
  • Help demarcate the concession boundaries and keep boundary lines clear
  • Record any evidence of incursion of illegal activites
  • Contribute to data sets by taking part in fauna and wildlife monitoring
  • Assist in the maintenance and development of the research trail and transect system
  • Design, install and maintain informative signs on the edge of the concession boundary

Program Fees:

  • 1 Week – US$ 950
  • 2 Weeks – US$ 1,445
  • 3 Weeks – US$ 1,750
  • 1 Month – US$ 2,345
  • 2 Months – US$ 3,955
  • 3 Months – US$ 5,130
  • 4 Months – US$ 6,120
  • 5 Months – US$ 7,500
  • 6 Months – US$ 9,000
— Fees cover full board and lodging, training and supervision, daily wildlife research, plenty of fun adventures and relaxing in-between work, airport transfers and in-country support.
Remember, ARCAmazon is a non-profit so 100% of fees are used to cover the costs of research, conservation and sustainable development in the Las Piedras watershed.

More Details – Forest Ranger Volunteer Program

The Forest Ranger Program offers volunteers an opportunity to get directly involved in rainforest conservation efforts, to work alongside Forest Rangers who are dedicated to the protection of thousands of hectares of important forest along the Las Piedras River. Forest rangers will patrol the borders of two land concessions which are directly across from eachother on the Las Piedras River. Rangers get to visit two entirely different types of terrain; and see unique wildlife I each one. Volunteers will work alongside and learn from Current Forest Rangers and the rest of the field team. They will assist the rangers with day-to-day data collection, input and analysis; monitor the status of the concession and its wildlife; and help ensure the work is reported back to the organization’s management, stakeholders and supporters.

Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC)

The Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC) has been designed to cater for field research, conservation tours, expeditions and learning programs. It has a rustic Medicine Man-style charm. For those who love to experience nature and raw wilderness in rustic comfort, this is the perfect place for immersion into the wild. The center is located near beautiful streams and waterfalls. It’s surrounded by over 50km of trail networks and research transects. The camp is comfortable and sustainable with raised camping platforms covered by up-cycled advertising billboards, a large 2-story central work/dining area and a fully-equipped kitchen. There is running water, limited electricity (4-5 hours a day), outdoor and indoor showers, western and composting toilets. The camp can hold up to 50 guests at a time. There is NO internet or cellular phone network. The center operates as a non-profit business, where 100% of income is used to improve infrastructure, pay dedicated conservation and research staff and expand ARCAmazon’s conservation reach.

See more about LPAC here.


Who We Are:

ARCAmazon is a Peruvian non-profit organization that is committed to protecting and conserving Peru’s Amazon Rainforest; its valuable natural resources, its function in reducing climate change, its biodiversity and indigenous peoples. ARCAmazon’s team of experts have been active in Peru’s Madre de Dios region since the 90’s. They have trained thousands of volunteers and interns from all around the world, encouraging many to go on to become professionals in the environmental sector. Our team is constantly gaining knowledge and experience of the complex relationships between humans and the rainforest environment. This helps us to refine our conservation strategies and essentially become more effective over time. We lead and support research on themes from biodiversity to ethnobotany, socio-economics to sustainable business, agro-forestry to permaculture and conservation. ARCAmazon believes in the importance of sharing data with land owners, policy makers, NGOs and businesses, to help encourage all parties to take a stake in protecting this critical part of the planet.

The Amazon Rainforest in Peru is the perfect environment for aspiring researchers and wildlife enthusiasts to gain invaluable knowledge and skills while making a difference on the front-lines of ecosystem and biodiversity conservation. The work we do requires energy and enthusiasm of many. We are looking for people from all nations, races, sexuality, ethnicity, ages, beliefs and interests to get involved. All we ask for is that you bring passion, respect, love and a desire to take action for good, to save one of the last truly wild frontiers on the planet.
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