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Camping Overview:
The Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC) is predominantly a base for research and conservation action. In 2016, LPAC opened its camp for nature-loving people to enjoy the forest and experience Las Piedras under the guidance of our ecologist guide team. Guests are now able to explore LPAC’s extensive network of trails which traverse 4,460 hectares of spectacular primary forest within our reserve. While based at LPAC, guests will also have the opportunity to stay at smaller satellite camps setup within the reserve. This will allow those who enjoy long hikes the chance to see even more of the different ecosystems and forest types on the land.  While hiking through the forest there is a good chance of encountering many of the great species which live on the reserve, including some 9 monkey species, 500 bird species, and elusive terrestrial mammals such as Jaguar, ocelot, short-eared dog, giant ant-eater, tapir and peccary.
Camping tours and expeditions will often include trips to see the waterfalls that drain into the Las Piedras River on the northern border of the LPAC reserve. Activities may also include a boat ride to the macaw claylick located on the banks of the Las Piedras River just 2 km north of the reserve, which is frequented by up to 40 Red-and-green macaws (Ara chloropterus) and about 5-6 other species of parrot. The Central Stream that runs diagonally across the reserve allows for kayaking trips in the wet season, and is known to be a good habitat for Dwarf caiman (Paleosuchus trigonatus) and Spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus). Just across the Las Piedras River from the reserve is a high, sheer cliff. From the top of this cliff one gets panoramic views across the forest canopy and from which it is possible to see clearly across a large portion of the reserve. In the northwestern part of the reserve is located a large mammal claylick
.  The mammal claylick may be visited to observe for numerous mammal and large bird species that come to feed on the salt and clay particles in the soil here. At several points on either side of the Central Stream are to be found small, miniature-sized oxbow lakes to watch Hoatzin birds, kingfishers, and herons. Our partner Brazil nut concession provides a perfect opportunity to see how this regionally important nut is collected, bagged, and transported to market for sale. The nearby communities of Lucerna and Palma Real offer the opportunity to experience real lives of local people who live from the resources that the land and forest can provide them. Visits to meet community members to pick and sample agroforestry products such as bananas, papaya, pineapples, cacao etc. is an excellent learning activity and helps generate much needed income for locals. Within the heartland forests of the reserve there are large tracts of high canopy forest containing large charismatic trees; the epitome of Amazon rainforest.
Guests will be led through the rainforest by an experienced ecologist guide and may also have the option of going out with researchers to take part in wildlife monitoring activities on the reserve.
There are 3 different accommodation options for camping tours and expeditions:
  1. While based at LPAC guests may be allocated a bed on one of the camping platforms in the main camp area.  There are 8 beds on each platform, so guests will share with up to 7 others at a time. Bathrooms are shared.  
  2. A 3-4 man tent will be provided for 1-2 people sharing (in your group).  Guests will be provided with one of our ground tents.  Bathrooms are shared.
  3. Guests may bring their own tent.  Tents can be pitched in the designated camping area and in some cases on one of the raised camping platforms.  Bathrooms are shared.
  4. Guests may stay in one of our Tentsile tree tents which are suspended between 2-10 meters above the ground in the trees.  Bathrooms are shared.


Amounts shown below are the total fees per person

Nights (Click '+')
2 People (Private / Shared)
3 People (Private / Shared)
4 People (Private)
1 Person (Private / Shared)
2$529 / $441$419 / $397$397$847 / $677
3$645 / $538$511 / $484$484$1,032 / $826
4$739 / $616$585 / $554$554$1,183 / $946
5$827 / $689$654 / $620$620$1,322 / $1,058
6$917 / $764$726 / $688$688$1,468 / $1,174
7$995 / $829$787 / $746$746$1,591 / $1,273
8$1,081 / $901$856 / $811$811$1,730 / $1,384
9$1,168 / $973$924 / $876$876$1,868 / $1,495
10$1,257 / $1,047$995 / $942$942$2,011 / $1,608
11$1,351 / $1,126$1,069 / $1,013$1,013$2,161 / $1,729
12$1,441 / $1,201$1,141 / $1,081$1,081$2,306 / $1,845
13$1,541 / $1,284$1,220 / $1,155$1,155$2,465 / $1,972

Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC)

The Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC) has been designed to cater for field research, conservation tours, expeditions and learning programs. It has a rustic Medicine Man-style charm. For those who love to experience nature and raw wilderness in rustic comfort, this is the perfect place for immersion into the wild. The center is located near beautiful streams and waterfalls. It’s surrounded by over 50km of trail networks and research transects. The camp is comfortable and sustainable with raised camping platforms covered by up-cycled advertising billboards, a large 2-story central work/dining area and a fully-equipped kitchen. There is running water, limited electricity (4-5 hours a day), outdoor and indoor showers, western and composting toilets. The camp can hold up to 50 guests at a time. There is NO internet or cellular phone network. The center operates as a non-profit business, where 100% of income is used to improve infrastructure, pay dedicated conservation and research staff and expand ARCAmazon’s conservation reach.

See more about LPAC here.

Included in this Camping Expedition

This is what we cover for you:

  • Transfers on arrival and departure at Puerto Maldonado (airport, bus station or hotel)
  • Scheduled transport to and from the rainforest camps
  • A 3/4 man ground tent for 1 or 2 people sharing, or shared accommodation (beds) on a raised wooden platform shelter
  • Three substantial and healthy 2-course meals each day
  • Clean drinking water, tea, coffee and fruit juice at all times
  • Limited use of electricity generator each day
  • An experienced ecology guide (max 5 visitors per guide) who will lead daily activities
  • Daily wildlife viewing hikes through the 4,500 hectare rainforest reserve, and night hikes
  • Limited excursions which may include macaw and parrot clay-lick, boat rides, mini-expeditions, community-based activities
  • Care and support from an experienced logistics and administration team based at the ARCAmazon head office in Puerto Maldonado
  • The experience of one of the most spectacular natural environments on Earth with alongside a highly trained and fun team of conservationists

This is what is not included:

  • Travel insurance (compulsory for all participants)
  • Flights and/or bus tickets to and from Puerto Maldonado
  • Spending money for snacks, drinks and souvenirs
  • Personal equipment (headlamp, bug repellent, binoculars etc.)
  • Participants may prefer to bring their own tent if they would like to camp (see accommodation section)
  • Add-ons (Tours to Machu Picchu, Cusco and other parts of Peru, full expeditions, tree tent stay, lazy river experience, remote native community visit, etc.) – please inquire on application

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