Build a Rainforest Terrarium

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Missing the rainforest? You can build your own–well, something a lot like one–in your classroom or home. Terrariums are fun to create and can take just a few hours to complete, or many years to perfect. The one in this video (link below) must have taken a lot of work, but isn’t it beautiful? ‪#‎amazonacademy‬

What you will need:
– A large fish tank (you can also use a 2L soda bottle cut in half)
– Some small gravel
– Some charcoal (you can get a bag of charcoal used for orchids)
– Some very rich potting soil (like you get at the local garden shop) or compost from your yard, enough to cover the entire floor of the aquarium tank with 1 inch of soil
– A few tropical plants (ask your garden shop manager to help you)
– Some tap water
– A piece of glass large enough to cover the top of the aquarium–make sure it will cover the entire opening in the top.

What you need to do:
– Put the gravel and charcoal in the bottom of the aquarium/soda bottle.
– Now put the potting soil (or compost) in a layer of at least 1 inch on top of the gravel and charcoal.
– Dampen the soil.
– Plant the plants around the aquarium/soda bottle.
– Spray 10 spritzes of water from a spray bottle into the aquarium/soda bottle.
– Put the glass over the top. If you would like to, you can put clear tape around the edges to seal it. (If using soda bottle – put the top half on and seal with clear packing tape.)
– Put your new terrarium in a warm, well-lit spot.
– Watch what happens–keep a notebook.

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