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BIG Tree Project

….and we have lift off!! Do you want to see the ARC Project forest from a bird’s eye view? This fun short film was created by the BIG Tree Project team during their recent adventure (using eco-drones and more) up the Las Piedras River. Good work team!

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Aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa)

An acquired taste for some, but very popular on the streets of Puerto Maldonado. We love aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa)! A favorite for macaws and humans. The unmistakable call for “aguaje, aguajina…” is shouted by sellers across urban markets in the Peruvian Amazon. The palm grows in Trinidad, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, […]

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Amazon River Flow

The Amazon River flows east across the continent of South America, dumping vast amounts of water into the Atlantic Ocean each day. But at one point, the river actually flowed from east to west and, for a time, in both directions at once. When the continents of South America and […]

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Build a Rainforest Terrarium

Missing the rainforest? You can build your own–well, something a lot like one–in your classroom or home. Terrariums are fun to create and can take just a few hours to complete, or many years to perfect. The one in this video (link below) must have taken a lot of work, […]

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Origin of Bananas

The forest regularly saves our global food supply by offering new, disease-resistant crops. Although we have sampled only a tiny fraction of the potential foods that tropical forests offer, they already have a profound influence on our diet. An astounding number of fruits (bananas, citrus), vegetables (peppers, okra), nuts (cashews, […]

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