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Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC) provides a comfortable space to integrate with wild nature. It opts for simplicity and sustainability within the wild rainforest surroundings. LPAC offers researchers, students, creative minds, volunteers and explorers, a place to enjoy, learn about and get creative with the diverse rainforest ecosystem. Most of the infrastructure has been created using a mix of responsibly sourced hardwood timber, recycled vinyl and rammed earth.

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LPAC is the starting point for more than 50km of hiking trails and research transects which extend across the 11,000 acre conservation area which LPAC protects. Wildlife is abundant within the reserve. Rare Amazonian wildlife such as Jaguar, Harpy Eagle, Spider Monkey and Anaconda all live within the LPAC reserve, roaming freely and sometimes seen on trails. The Center is located close to crystal clear streams, mini oxbow lakes and large (for the lowland Amazon) waterfalls.
The accommodation itself is rustic, with a Medicine Man-style charm. Raised and covered wooden platforms provide comfortable shared sleeping space. Camping areas with designated tent spaces can be booked for those wanting their own tent and extra privacy. Occasionally visitors may pitch tents on the raised platforms. LPAC has also recently begun offering Tentsile tree tents for those who want to sleep hanging from the trees. Camping stations have been setup in select spots around the reserve for expeditions.



LPAC has three medium-size platforms which each accommodates 4 bunk beds (8 people) or 4-6 tents. There is also one large platform which accommodates up to 6 bunk beds (12 people) or 6-10 tents. Visitors will be provided with a bed which includes comfortable mattress, pillow, thick mosquito net and clean sheets (changed weekly). Platforms are sturdy wooden decks, raised over a meter above the ground. Each platform is fully sheltered from the rain by a roof made of double-lined recycled vinyl (old advertising billboards from the capital).


LPAC has two dedicated camping areas, one on the ground and one in the trees. There are 10 available camping spaces on the ground. Visitors who would like more privacy might prefer to bring a tent and camp instead of stay on the platforms. Onsite staff will be able to assist with weather-proofing and best practice for pitching tents in the rainforest environment. Visitors are also able to stay in LPAC’s Tree Camp, kindly sponsored by Tentsile. There are 7 tree tents which allow visitors to sleep hanging between 1-30 meters off the ground.


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